Friday, September 01, 2006

Drunk on duty

Just been for an early lunch with Steve, the network admin guy. I think I'm drunk. Steve bought me a pint and then a couple of the other IT lads turned up and they got me a couple of vodkas, which they insisted I down. I obliged. We then had a 30 minute bitching session and I put away another pint. Okay, call me a light weight but I don't get out very much. Mags is doing things most days, she's got her drama group, the gym, her women's studies course (whatever that's all about) and she also has a girlie night where her and Catherine go out. Come to think of it, she is out most of the time, leaving me in to look after Owen. I might have a word about that. Then again probably not, it'll only turn into a row and she is very good at rowing. Anyway, better get on. I've got my desk to empty. Never knew I had so much crap.

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