Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I'm back just from the accident and emergency with Owen. He is crying and exceedingly displeased and Mags is "disgusted" with my "lack of responsibility" and is not talking to me again. It's a big fuss over nothing. Owen is fine but Mags insisted that I take him to the hospital. Apparently Pixie nipped at him, stupid dog. It would have been okay, except Mags walked in at the exact moment. She saw me goading Owen on and went ballistic. I mean, if he had been bitten properly it would be different but Pixie is so rubbish and has such rotten teeth (from being fed on a diet of sweets, cake and chocolate buttons (its favourite, apparently)) that it couldn't hurt a soap bubble. Nope, Mags wasn't having it. "I had purposely put our son in life threatening danger", she said. What rubbish.

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