Sunday, September 03, 2006

Squawking child

Its Sunday and Owen woke up at 5am screaming and refused to go back to sleep again. Perfect. Mags slept like a baby though, she missed the screaming and was totally unwakeable. In fact for a moment I thought she dead, her breathing was so shallow and slow, then she did a really mad twitch, sat bolt upright, shouted "Spinach you idiot!!", then lay down and dosed off and slept for the rest of the night. I let her sleep, she needed it. I sat with Owen trying to get him to once more enter the land of nod but as far as he was concerned the gates were firmly closed, locked and bolted.
I went into his room, he was stood up in his crib screaming like a banshee. I said hello and he reached out for me. I picked him up and he slapped me across the face and giggled. Most amusing son. I gave him a cuddle but he was more interested in trying to see if he could make my ear rovolve a full 360 degrees. For his age he has a pretty powerful grip and didn't want to relinquish his new toy. When I pried his vice like fingers off my now tender ear he unleashed a mighty squawk and went for another face slap but this time I was one step ahead of him and parried it away. Lovely child. He quietened down and I tried to lay him down but as soon as he touched the crib his eyes opened and his mouth quickly followed. If I lifted him up again he would snuggle back in and close his eyes. The same thing happened if I tried to move anywhere or change position. Basically, I had two choices: 1) Stand there for the rest of the night or 2) Just put him down and see how he goes. I went for option 1 then changed my mind after my arm started to go to sleep before Owen did. I layed him down and as if by magic he rolled over, said "Hiya" and then closed his eyes. I crept out and fell into my own bed.
The rest of the day was pretty quiet until lunchtime when an old frined of mine rung up, pretty much out the blue. We chatted for a bit and then he offered me a job! What are the chances of that? It's only a temporary thing and part time but it gives me a chance to get my own plans in action and I'll be bringing some money in. Mags was pleased and Owen seemed to be having a nice calm day too. Rich popped in during the afternoon. He had been out for a run and was just passing. I told him my news and even he was pleased. Seems like things may well be going my way finally. I've got to drive over tomorrow morning to find out some more info and to meet the rest of the team and then I start properly on wednesday. Really excited.

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