Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm crap with computers. I even had to get my brother to set this blog up for me. Of course he knows all about blogs and the internet and everything. Pompous tosser. He thinks he has done another favour for his incompetent little brother! I wish he would stop calling me little brother. He knows it winds me up. He is like 180 seconds older than me and he never lets me forget it. It reminds me of the time I got drunk at Cheryl Parkers party and took a swing at him. Caught him right under the eye. He didnt even budge. Just rubbed his eye, rolled me under his arm and took me home. Never even mentioned it the next day. I had seriously tried to knock him out. He didnt even budge! Bastard! Why is he so good at everything? Even not being knocked out. I bet if he had slapped me with a kipper I would have dropped like a sack of shit. He really does do everything so damned well! It wouldnt surprise me if Maggie was shagging him. She says that other than looking alike we are so different and when she says "different" there is this little sparkle in her eye. I know she fancies him. She is always wanting us to go over with the boy and visit. She says that Owen should see more of his uncle, but I know its just so she can perve over him. Then again, Bianca, Rich's girlfriend, is rather tasty. So whats sauce for the goose and all that. Argh! That reminds me. When I got married, I thought, now, finally, ma would give me a mention, rather than Richard this and Richard that, but nah. They came to the wedding. They smiled and clapped and all that but not a susage more. Once everything was over and we were back from the honeymoon (disaster! and I'll mention it later) it was back to "Oh, did you hear that Richard is going to New York" and "Richard's business is doing really well" etc. I hate living in the shadow of Mr. Perfect.

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