Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursdays suck

I hate thursdays. They're well into the week, which is good, but still leave the week end just a little too far out of reach. Went to a leaving do last night and I think I'm still drunk now. The guy leaving was cas called Dave Mather. Quite a good bloke, when all is said and done, but I reckon he has done me over. Not his fault, but he has left a couple of days before me and so my leaving do will now be judged in terms of his and he is a bit of a Mr. Popular. I can imagine the tea room chat on monday morning, "Ooh, poor old Rob, I bet he is gutted at the poor turn out for his send off". Yeah, well, I don't care because I'll be in bed sleeping whilst they are at work. So, who is laughing then? Then again, I doubt Mags will let me sleep in when "there is sooo much that needs doing around this shit hole". I expect she'll be busy drawing up the list right now. Let me sleep woman! I think I've earnt it.

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