Sunday, August 20, 2006

My mate has started up a band. He used to be in one when we were at school and he says he really misses the buzz, although I think the real reason is to give him a more legitimate excuse to get out of the house now his mother-in-law has moved in (she had a stroke and can't take care of herself anymore). As much as I feel sorry for her, she is quite a hateful old bag. Sorry, I know, I should be more understanding, but my dad died from a stroke last year and I think I should be allowed to say what I think.
Anyway, the band. He has called it Ham Head. It was meant to be called Hammer head but something happened at the printers, where he was getting some flyers knocked up and they lost the "mer". He says that he can't afford to reprint them and the printers are adamant that they printed what he sent them (quite possible as he is a clumsy git), so he is sticking with it. Ham head, hmmm, I don't know, it is kind of funny so it might work. Not quite the same impact as Hammer head though, is it.

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