Sunday, August 13, 2006

Owen took his first steps today! Wow! He has been crawling like a mad thing for a few weeks and getting his little hands into whatever he could but he hadnt shown any signs of walking. One of Maggie's sister's kids, who are the same age as Owen, have been walking for about a month (and they let you know it too). Cheeky bitch was hinting that O was a bit backward! Well good for him, he's up and away! I'm so proud. You should see his little face as he totters along. He's loving it. We went for a picnic over the long weekend. O had a superb time, running around and hassling he other kids. Maggie kicked off, as usual, said that when I have a beer I get funny. Funny! What the hell is funny? Ok, I like to have a cheeky beer now and then. It's not like I'm an alcoholic or anything. What happens when people have a few beers? They get a bit drunk. I never raise my hand to her or treat her badly, in fact I'm just the opposite. I'm attentive and always trying to make her happy, so where does she get off saying I get funny. I went ballistic. I demanded that she gave me a specific example and she couldnt. I asked her what she meant by "funny" and she was all, "well, you know" and "sort of like, well, funny". How unhelpful could she be? Still, O had a good day and that's what matters.

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