Monday, August 28, 2006

I saw Shirley this morning. I was right, she is at Mad Cat Woman's. Traitor cat!
MCW was snooping around last night. I looked out the kitchen window and there she was, snooping around the bins. I went outside and asked if there was a problem, she just sniffed at me and said that she thought she saw movement. The only movement should be my foot into her backside. Nosey old witch. I think she looks in the recycle bins and counts the empty booze bottles (wine, beer, etc), not that there are that many mind. I think she notes the numbers down in her little book and if they ever reach a certain number she'll be onto Alcoholics Annonymous or the beer police or something and turn us in.

I'll try and snap a picture of MCW so you can see what she is like. Picture the type of crone that in the good old days would have been burnt at the stake and add some veiny red cheekys and more chins than Harold from Neighbours. God, I hate neighbours. Both the TV show and the real ones. Mags loves the soaps, so I have to put up with them too. East Enders, Emerdale, Hollyoaks, Neighbours and bloody Corrie! All of them! I like a bit of action on TV but she hates anything that hints of violence, says it turns her stomach, well soaps turn mine but that arguement holds no weight.

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