Monday, July 31, 2006


I really won't miss the drive to work. I hate driving, it really bores me. So, Ive got about a month left working here. Handed in my notice with the biggest grin you could imagine. The boss even seemed a bit surprised. They give me dull crap to do and expect me to keep smiling and saluting and carrying the company forward.
"Effort doesn't matter, people don't matter, the only thing that matters are results". That's what my boss said at my last appraisal. Appraisal my arse, just another opportunity to be constructively ignored. I think I've had two appraisals since I started here. I used to work hard but of course effort doesnt matter. Getting problems dropped on your desk just as you are about to leave on a friday evening and be expected to have them solved by monday morning, hmmm. Okay, so you do, you come in over the weekend, don't see the missus or the kids and then at the end of it dont even get a thank you. Bail them out and get taken for granted. Magic. What else did he say? That's right, "There are two types of people here. Ones that carry the company forward and ones who the company is carrying. Make sure you stay in the first group". Great. Thanks for that rousing encouragement after busting my ass to clean up after him. Not only is the job annoying, its boring too. Can't wait to leave.
My brother says I'm mental for leaving but what does he know. Mr know it all. Just because whatever he touches turns to gold doesnt mean he can tell me what to do. He is like 3 minutes older than me and always tries to be the big brother. Tosser. I always thought twins were meant to be close, like knowing what each other are thinking and all that. We are so totally different. Maggie, my missus, says I should try and follow in his footsteps a bit more. I couldnt believe it! Whose side is she on? Yeah, I think we all know the answer to that one. Am I just paranoid or is everyone out to get me? Anyway, I'm bored with this, got to get some work done. I've got two days left and the work gestapo are on the prowl, making sure they get their monies worth. They'll probably be shipping the whole operation out to asia or somewhere soon anyway, I don't know what the fuss is about.

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